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Default Re: AP Top 25 Preaseason Poll

Originally Posted by FlªshGordon
'Cuse, Kansas, and Gonzaga are my teams. I think a top 25 spot is justifiable for Syracuse, but it should be probably be in the lower end. You're right, 10 is too high. Joseph should be a stud this year, and Jardine and Triche should have breakout years, with Jackson being a solid post contributor. Melo should be good...just not nearly as good as the other Melo who was at 'Cuse. Those 5 don't scream top 10 team, but Boeheim has done more with less before.

Curious, how are you a Syracuse, Kansas, and Gonzaga fan? I mean I have "two teams" as well but really am only a diehard for one, North Carolina, and a semi-passionate fan for the other, Arkansas. Dad grew up in North Carolina, has family there, and we used to visit once or twice a year when I was little. I was born and raised in Arkansas. And you can't say I jumped on the North Carolina bandwagon, because this was in the early and mid-90's when Arkansas was a perennial top 5-10 team.

I'm not accusing you of being a bandwagon fan or anything, I mean you may have a legitimate reason for liking all three. I'm just curious.
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