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Default Re: Anyone Excited for BlackOps?

I also like this combat mode where you can set up games between a friend or friends. I mean in MW2 you could do a private match with friends. But here it seems you can set up the AI. Even if you want them to outnumber you. So it could be you and a friend vs a bunch of AI in a match. That sounds pretty cool, atleast to me. Could be good for people who get upset they are getting owned in online ranked matches. Just go there and play at thier own pace.

Still no video footage of the zombies. My guess is it is the exact same as WaW maps just with the newer guns. I just wanna see what changes/adjustments they di. Also wonder if they eliminated the glitches because you could camp in certain spots and dictate where the zombies come. And just advances rd after rd. That gets really boring. I did that a couple times, last time I did it was with someone who was a modder. Just spawned all the guns so you didnt need to worry about ammo. But the rds got so long and it was late I literally fell asleep. Woke up with the game ended.

You guys jumping online first or campaign?
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