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Default Re: Should Pistons try to get Josh Smith?

I was just going to post this and you beat me to it.... I think it's a good deal for Detroit. Smith is a very good player and could help them win now. I think it's the best realistic option for Rip that I've seen. I just don't know why Atlanta does it because they tied up a lot of money in Johnson at SG and still have Crawford who plays the position too. They would absolutely need to trade Jamal before trading Smith. I think both could potentially be moved though.

The other rumor (which we've seen quite a few times as well) is Kaman. I think it would be worthwhile for the Pistons to go after him as well. Giving up Prince for Kaman is fine with me, but again I'm not sure why the Clippers give up their C. In the end the Pistons lineup would look like this though....

PG: Stuckey/Bynum
SG: Gordon/T-Mac/Daye
SF: Daye/Jerebko/T-Mac/Summers
PF: Smith/Charlie V/Monroe/Maxiell
C: Kaman/Wallace

Not a bad lineup. It would certainly be a step in the right direction. Looking at that the one thing I'm not taking into consideration is there could be other guys that get moved too, like Jerebko, Maxiell, etc.
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