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Default Re: 2010-11 Season starts tonight! Some notes.

Whew, finally a win -and a blowout. (4-1) to start the season, things aren't looking good.

I was concerned with how little the 76ers were going to the FT line. Lou was the only 6ers consistently getting to the stripe. And guess what? In the win tonight, the 76ers had 25FTs, which is more than their opponent.

Doug Collins left the game for vertigo I think? (missed his first win lol). Coaching needs to get a couple of things fixed.

I thought Turner looked good too. After watching him in preseason, I had my doubts, but I think this kid definitely has potential.
After this games, I do keep hopes alive that this kid can be special. But if he ever blooms, it won't be this season; it will take him a little longer (at least).

I'm a little dissapointed with Holiday's improvement. Was hoping to see him solidified at PG, but he still is too inconsistent.

Marresse Speights? Haven't seen ANY improvement from him. Young has looked good at times. Brand is playing much better now.
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