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Originally Posted by boozehound
the suns are better off without him and with diaw. Where would they have been last year without diaw's positional versatility and the injuries to Stat and KT?
Even after they picked up thomas they wouldve been brutalized in the frontcourt without diaw. Can you imagine patty Burke starting?

They are a much better team with Diaw, better passer (at least out of the post and so forth) and does all teh littl ethings PHX needs not more points.

The Suns need another wingman who can create his own offense. Diaw isn't that guy, and since Nash is the only Sun who can create his own offense, that puts him under too much pressue to do EVERYTHING come crunch time. At least that was the case last year. With Amare, things are a bit different this year. But last year, JJ's scoring would have been a huge lift in the playoffs.
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