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Default Re: Suns don't extend Earl Clark's deal

Originally Posted by DirtBag
I read about this, this offseason and mentioned a bit of it in my offseason breakdown. The Suns are disappoint in Clark. They really expected him to be further along than he is. Last year we heard reports that he would have played more because he was ready but didn't because Lou was such a good energy guy off the bench, I think now that may have just been b.s. coming from the Suns camp to try and buy more time with him. His summer league performance really did him in, I hope he can straighten this out and become the player that the suns thought of with such promise.

It appears that the Suns are trying to convince the rest of the NBA that Earl Clark has value in the league. More likely the Suns will end up letting this guy go because he didn't show much of improvment compared to last year. It's a shame because I was rooting for this guy to be a good solid player for the Suns. Maybe Gani will be ready next year.
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