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Default Re: Post Your Mike D'antoni stuff here!!!

Gotta address the turnovers. STAT is averaging almost 7 per game. In last nights game, there was a stretch form the end of the half, through the first couple of minutes of the third quarter that the Knicks had 7 turnovers; three before halftime and four to start the third quarter. They have to get better with ball control and making better decisions. STAT needs to settle farther down in the paint to spread the floor better. At times the spacing is horrible. Hey, I wanted to see if you guys caught this; why is it that when Mozgov sets a high screen and gets the ball, he seems to hold it for about three to five seconds before passing the ball again? He id it at least twice last night and I was yelling at the damn TV to move the ball. I do like his mobility and perceived talent, but that is something that has to be addressed with him. Also Rony needs to starts dunking the damn ball near the hoop when he can instead of laying the ball up and missing bunnys. Yes, D'Antoni had players to run his system; he has to coach these guys up and start getting results.
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