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Default Re: Rodney Stuckey and coach Kuester having problems

I think at first glance it's one of those things that you would think is a thing to over react to but I really think there is an issue with the coach and players here. Let's face it, Kuester was never a long term solution who any team thinking about contending would hire. He's just the guy who's going to be the coach through the rebuilding. If he can't help the young guys grow and get better in the league then he shouldn't be there. So far he isn't doing that. With as good as some of the young talent has been I feel like they've been held back. Look at Jerebko last year for example.... there was never any plays ran for him. How do we know what he can do in a game if plays are never ran for you. Sure he started but we never got to see all he was capable of at that point in time. Why is it so hard to find a good coach in the NBA???? I really wish we would have went after Avery when we had the chance.
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