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Default Re: Rodney Stuckey and coach Kuester having problems

Apparently it isn't just Stuckey who has had issues with Kuester it is also Prince. Whose side is everybody on now? The players or Kuester? I side with the players. What is worse about this is there's actually a chance that Tay could have been a Piston for life. I know we all want a trade but we want one that is good for us. If Tay is upset that means he is going to walk and we will be forced to trade him. That means his stock goes down and we get less for him..... Detroit really needs to look into that Kaman deal ASAP. I think Monroe and Kaman could be a pretty nasty front court. Does anybody know what the word is on Illitch buying the Pistons? We really need that deal to be finalized.....
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