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Originally Posted by Bill Swerski
^^^You both forget, he has virtually no inside game either.

Sure, he can finish on the break, or recieve a pass and go up strong, maybe even pump fake, and then go up, but as far as a post game, there's virtually nothing there, especially on the pro level.

That said, he will run the floor well, get some offensive & defensive RB, and have a few highlight reel Dunks and blocked shots, although his blocks will not be many against much larger competition.

IMHO, I'd take him if he drops out of the lottery.

I was being nice.

Right now, the only offense game he has is dunking and maybe he can be a slasher like Gerald Wallace. If he plays the 4, he should be able to dribble past other power forwards. If he can't do that, then he has problems.

He has potential, but he needs a lot of work. Tyrus could very well be the lottery bust of this draft and it's sad because if he would stay in school another year or two and work on his game, he would be in good shape.
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