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Default Re: Post Your Mike D'antoni stuff here!!!

Originally Posted by franchize
I think part of Amare's TO problem is the ineffectiveness of our pg, moreso Felton, in the pick and roll game.He just isnt a threat to score so the D just seems content w/ rolling with Amare on picks.Next to Dwight,Amare is probably the best pick and roll big man in the game.Maybe KG can be thrown in there.Bottom line tho,you have to be a dual threat to run pick and roll.In my playing days in HS,when our backup pg used to run it,eventually the D would get wind that he was robotic and he was gonna try n pass it to the big man.With me,if I caught you just a little lackadaisical and over-anticipatory in your defense,I was going to the rack.Too many times I saw Felton dribble all the way in the paint and swing it all the way back out to the perimeter.Sure we have shooters out there but until you establish Amare on the P&R,those passing lanes are gonna start getting picked off when we play good defensive teams or teams with length.

Yes, just look at Steve Nash. The reason he gets so many assists is because people have to respect his scoring ability. This opens up the passing lanes, we haven't seen the scoring or passing ability from Felton yet but I have confidence in the guy. Our defense has really impressed me btw.
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