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Default Is this team sneakily good?

Ok so hear me out.

I believe this team may be even better than the one that made it to the Western Conference Finals two years ago. When their bigs get healthy this team could seriously scare some teams.

Is it just me or has Al Harrington been kind of awesome for you guys? How many times would there be problems because Dahntay Jones wasn't a threat from deep and your 4's would clog the paint.

The line up of:


with a bench boasting JR Smith, Ty Lawson, K-Mart and Chris Anderson... this team is deep and can beat you in so many ways.

As much as it hurts me to praise George Karl (Buck's fan for life can never forgive the Ray Allen/ Payton trade) he really does know how to coach this team.

I just think Denver fans should really be excited for this team. They have a of pieces and while competing the LA requires K-Mart and Anderson to come back which is a big if, it could be very very interesting.
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