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Default Re: Rodney Stuckey and coach Kuester having problems

Originally Posted by Nastradamus
I"m not sure if Kaman is the guy I want. He is just so BAD on defense that I don't know if it's worth it for his O. Especially paired with Monroe who will never be dominant defensively.

Since when is Kaman a terrible defender? I wouldn't say he is great but I wouldn't say he is bad. I think in the right system he could be better too. The jury is still out on Monroe. I've actually liked what I've seen so far. He is our best rebounder rightnow and passes great just like everyone has said. I think defense is something anybody can do if they really want to. It's almost a matter of will rather than skill. Of course you have to be able to read the offensive players which is something that can be learned through video tape.

I also can't think of any other centers that will likely be available. I highly doubt Portland is going to let Oden walk. Marc Gasol will probably end up with the Grizzlies again. Who else do you want? Don't give me someone like Fesenko either. I mean a proven basketball player.
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