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I'm a laker fan but i really like where this team is headed, and to be honest i think the hornets have the best deal in the fact that they have this pretty high mid-round picks.
I don't know what they're needs are but i love paul and i really like david west too. I think they might be able to take J.J. with that first pick and could really open up the floor and strech the defense for those guys; especially with a star-in-the-making in chris paul.
As for the second pick, they should draft a big guy or a SF because it looks like Rasual might be testing the free agent waters. I think if Carney slips out, they should take him because that would make some legitamite threats on the basketball floor.

PG - Paul
SG - Reddick
SF - Carney
PF - West
C - Brown or free agent (Pryzbilla, Nazr, or NENE)

I think they'd be headed in the right direction.
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