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Default Now Is The Time...

This is when we find out who the true Kings fans are. The bandwagoners are jumping ship (thank god) and so called Kings fans are jumping on the Suns or the Mavs bandwagon. And I'm not talking about people on the board, I'm talking your everyday friends you hang out with or peole you work with etc.... Where's all the Kings jersey's? Where's the flags in front of houses and car windows? Keep a close watch on these fakes, when the Kings return to the upper echalon they will try to jump back on and act like they are loyal trustworthy Kingsmen. True Kings fans know that we've already seen the bottom, it could never be worse than it has already been. Don't let the Kings become the 49ers of basketball!! And no matter how bad it gets just think about how bad it was before we had Mitch, when we were the laughing stock of the NBA. When people were like, "There's a basketball team in Sacramento?" It couldn't ever be that bad again, and even if it was a TRUE Kings fan would never jump ship.
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