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Originally Posted by ChanningShamgod
Are you nuts? Do you guys actually watch basketball? Lee can't guard Larry Johnson now. He's a smart player who doesn't get distracted by action on the court and then gets in good position to rebound, but he's way too slow to guard a proper 3 and way too small to guard a proper 4. The Knicks desperately need Ared Effries on the court because with Curry already on the court they are slow and can't play defense.

PS - His name is now Ared Effries because he has no J.

Not Jefferies. He has the JJ curse. I'm serious. His injury involved his wrist which was nowhere from the waist down so why is his game so terrible. His defense so far has been awful. He should be getting more rebounds at least until Lee comes in. Balkman is the sleeper here. When he played in the beginning of the season he was actually pretty good. Played D ran with the break and looks to dunk first. One 3 point attemp per game. He was good. He should start at small forward, due to his quickness, or the fact that his opponent think he looks slow, but he isn't. Lee plays 30 minutes a game and he knows his role. No need to mess with that. Q is our shooting guard. Period. I really and I mean really want Ray Allen bad. For Crawford and Nate that deal could get done. Let me call Zeke and see if Dolan will let him do it.
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