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Default Ot What's Up With Pau??

Checking on the main board I was reading a clip from the Commercial Appeal down in Memphis. It claimed that Pau didn't really ask for a trade. He claimed that he asked the ownership group if they would consider trading him to a title contender. Now I consider myself to be very intelligent, so isn't that asking for a trade? He didn't say trade me so now he wants to back out for looking like a bum. I really don't respect Pau's game personally and I hope Isaiah doesn't have the power to try that deal. I hope he goes to Chi really bad just to cap all the moves they have made so far hasn't exactly worked out for them. They have peaked and now they seem to be slipping(we could possibly keep our pick). Pau does nothing spectacular except when he play for the Spaniards. Then got hurt and one month after being healthy he ask for a trade. What a puss!!! When they gave him that cheese the other year he didn't hesitate signing it. He owes the fans of the Grizzlies.

I will compare Pau to me. I work for the NYPD. I'm a detective. I don't think I could moonlight at Duane Reade get shot in the leg be off work and still collect my check for the NYPD, do you? The answer is no. I can utilize my sick time to cover my lost time, but that is acrued. If I run out I'm SOL. But that's what Pau did. He got hurt playing for the Spaniards. He actually played waaay better than he does for the Griz. But he can collect that NBA check. Utterly amazing. Then his team stinks because he ain't playing and have the nerve to ask for a trade and no matter how he words it HE ASKED FOR A TRADE!!!! Pau is a wuss.

I wrote this in our forum so that we don't discuss any trades involving Pau Gasol. I would rather have the team we got than to have that beyotch.
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