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Sadly, I like two teams. My hometown Kings, and the Hornets. I've loved the hornets since the beginning, with my favorite players being Zo, Bogues, Glen Rice, Baron Davis, and Jamal Mashburn. I started loving the kings when they got Rick and Vlade, so call me a bandwagon fan, but I will still like this team even if they move or get worse.

Ironically, Brad Miller and Vlade both played for the Hornets.

Originally Posted by BradMiller52
You won't catch me jumping ship. I mean I enjoy watching a team like the Suns but I won't become a fan, I'm a Kings fan(obviously). But yeah I know what you mean and that is a great post. I see some people I know and they don't follow the Kings as closely as they used to(some of my cousins, friends, etc.) but since I live around Chico I still see a lot of people in Kings gear. Also see some people in Warriors stuff though too and that feels weird. Anyway man, wherever I go usually where my Kings jacket.

Hey, I live in between Chico and Yuba City.
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