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Default Re: Post Your Mike D'antoni stuff here!!!

Originally Posted by knickscity
Would D'antoni and Thibbs make a good tandem on the bench??
I don't even think D'Antoni's that great of an offensive mind. I think Phil Jackson is the best offensive mind in the game. D'Antoni just runs a really fast system so the team can score before the defense is set. But in the halfcourt, the offense looks awful. The only smart thing he's ever done in his career was to let Nash run the offense 100% of the time he was on the court. He's the real mastermind. Guys will run and get open if they know they'll get the ball. We have no player that really has the vision or creativity to do that. Felton's a bulldog and he can really drive, but he's not a creative passing PG. He wasn't two steps ahead of everyone in the building like Nash was. That's why we need smarter players out there with finishers. When the offense gets stagnant, D'Antoni should put in this emergency lineup:

Gallinari or Chandler

And run EVERYTHING through Fields. Let him run the PnR. He's the only player on the team I've seen actually run it properly. Let Felton and Gallo spot up for threes. And when they run zone run the high post through Turiaf because he's a very good passer as well. D'Antoni needs to stop with his player politics BS of trying to get every player minutes. Our goal is to win. If some players need to take a seat for a while for that to happen, so be it. Chandler's a good explosive player but he's not really a good fit. Same with Douglas. They can come in for bursts of energy, but I wouldn't leave those guys in the game if the offense is struggling because neither are good playmakers.
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