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Default Re: Post Your Mike D'antoni stuff here!!!

Originally Posted by franchize
He's a face up PF that doesnt post up,has a fairly good handle for a 6'8" guy, can't shoot it decently for a guy his size,slashed to the basket and is one of the most athletic guys on our other words...he's a SF lol
Chandler does not have a "fairly good handle". His handles are awful for his position. I've watched enough basketball to know that. He's a PF. He's been asked what his natural position is. And that's what he said. He's basically a smaller Amare with better defense and lateral movement. Like I said, physically he's built like a SF. But his skills make him more of a face-up PF. How many post-up PF's are there in the game? Four? I'd say he's closer to Amare Stoudemire than he is to Rudy Gay or Danny Granger. THOSE guys can handle the ball. And they're not even LeBron-level handles. But still miles above Wil. My biggest knock on Chandler and I've mentioned this several times all summer is his ballhandling. It's just really really bad. Our team's gonna suffer if he starts over Fields cause we'd only have Felton handling the ball. Wil can't maneuver around to shake free and drive and create. He can handle it enough to drive when the lane is WIDE open. That's all. Why do you think he takes all those step back fadeaways from mid-range? Like Amare, he's a finisher, not a creator. Fields brings the ballhandling ability and basketball IQ. I don't know why nobody else can see that Chandler has very poor handles for a wing player.
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