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Default Re: The Walking Dead

This show is f'ing fantastic. The makeup and sets are as good as any zombie stuff I can remember. And it's genuinely tense. I could actively feel the clock ticking when it started to rain, even though I knew they'd make it out. Even more so when the black guy was late coming down from the roof and the doors were coming down, because it seemed reasonable to think he could go. It's just incredibly well done.

And the opening credit sequence is one of my favorites in recent memory. And I'm not a huge Durabont fan. He's usually got too much spiritual mysticism in his themes for my taste. And I absolutely hated The Mist, which I know some people liked, but I thought it was awfull. But this has a much grittier tone to it than most of the stuff I can think of from him, at least so far.

Shame it's only six episodes. But I read today that's just been picked up for a second season.
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