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Default Re: Post Your Mike D'antoni stuff here!!!

Originally Posted by New York Knicks
Gallo's not a good ballhandler either. And the players you're stating handle the ball a hell of a lot more than Chandler or Gallo does. Come on when you watch them play, you have to be able to see the difference in how comfortable they are handling the ball. Chandler handles it like a PF. If you watch Chandler, you can see he can't accelerate with the ball. I've seen him TRY to accelerate and lose the ball without any pressure.

I agree that he has bad handles, just like Gallinari. The thing is, their ball handling abilities aren't that much worse than the ball handling of the average starting small forward in the League.

I don't like his ability to shoot pull-ups because his dribble doesn't allow him to shoot it in one motion. He loses time by dribbling out of control which results in more difficult shots.

But remember; most of the small forwards on that list aren't much better ball handlers than Wilson.
He'd be a great ballhandler at power forward. Just look at guys who play the 4: Elton Brand, Tim Duncan, Al Jefferson or David West for example.
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