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Default Muscle Building tips?


I'm 19, 6 feet tall. 160 lbs. But I have hardly any muscle. I can bench only bench 125 lbs which really dissapointed me. I havent squated since I graduated last year and I maxed around 250 at the time. It's probably way less by now. I've been mainly working on my upper body. I was stronger when I was in HS. But it's not like I making that much of an improvement. When I first started lifiting when I was 17, I benched 125 lbs, inclined 115, military pressed 100, powercleaned 120, and squated 180. When I graduated HS (about a year and a few months after), I was able to bench 165 lbs, inclined 145, millitary pressed 115, powercleaned 155, and squated 265.

But the point of that class wasnt to body build, it was for building leaner muscles. but I want to get big. Problem is, all I have is a bench with weights adding up to 115 lbs, can't afford membership at gyms, and even if I can afford the memberships, the closest one is 30 miles away. Anyone got tips on how to get bigger and stronger with what I got?

My goals in a year from now is to bench 200 lbs, squat 300, incline press 180, military press 160, and power clean 200 lbs.
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