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Originally Posted by JtotheIzzo
these goals are unrealistic.

adjust to bench 225, incline 185, military 155.

you want muscle, eat carbs and protein till you puke and workout everyday, low reps heavy weight, concentrating on specific muscle groups. get a workout buddy to spot and push you through the 'walls' you hit.

or just get some steroids and that will sort it out too. But even on juice you still need carbs and protein, cant build muscle out of air.

Listen to the man, he knows his shyt.
The common misconception about building mass is through working out alone. That is only a small portion of the equation. The fact is lifting weight tears down muscle. The only thing that will repair that is protien. The only way to increase volume size is carbs. If you are interested in supplements, let me know, but diet is most important.
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