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Originally Posted by jjswifty
I could care less about Gasol, but his stat line is far better than any knick.

20 PPG
7.5 RBS
57% FG
77% FT
3 Assists
.5 Stls
1.7 Blks

I think we could use those blocks and his ball movement for a pf/center. (2 blocks, 3 assists)

Anyways, I didnt really understand what you were trying to say?!?!?! r u mad cause he asked for a trade and then backed out? or r u mad cause he asked to be traded to a contender?

Wait, I just re-read your post. I think I understand and I cant read. : Whats wrong with asking for a trade? Hes not the first one to do it and he wont be the last. Didnt ZO do the same thing with the Nets? He saw no shot at winning a championship even tough the team was actually decent and asked to be moved.

You missed it altogether. BTW If I stand corrected Zo had the kidney issue in NJ and then was traded to the Raptors(a contender?) and he never reported. Part of how NJ got Vince Carter.

The thread is self explanatory. And it is OT.
Pau got hurt playing for another team overseas. Actually played better for them than he does For the Griz. They named him the franchise player when they dropped that max contract to him. That market is small and attendance is pitiful and they still rewarded him for being LOYAL and talented. That's what they said the other season when they announced the resigning. They even attempted to get some more help for him in Rudy Gay which most bballers believe is going to be a star. They made the playoffs the last 3 years(although they got swept, they still made it) in the Western Conference.

The main point is that after all that, the teams stinks because HE WASN'T THERE. And the gall to ask for a trade or that management consider it, is weak as hell. BTW, I can see Lebron asking for a trade, or Kobe, D-Wade, or a vet like KG, Ray Allen, A.I.(??) they have put in time and they are true stars in this league. But not a 5 year underachiever(3rd pick in the '01 draft). Yes I call him an underachiever. Here is why....The ball goes through Pau hands 70 percent of any game he plays. That is why his turnover rating is equal to his assist. You didn't quote that part. Those numbers are misleading if you have never watched him. He should be killing on that team. They don't have anybody close to a star. And defense is NOT his specialty.

But this is extremely OT, and I'm not referring to it anymore. I posted it so that us knowledgable Knick fans don't swarm our board talking about trading for Pau Gasol.
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