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Default Re: Rodney Stuckey and coach Kuester having problems

Originally Posted by Nastradamus
Not saying it's likely at all, but if Oden is somehow a FA I'd like to offer him as much as we can. Take the gamble, F it. How often do you get a shot at a dominant C?? There is a point where Port can't match. However, we likely lack the cap space unless we deal Rip for expirings.

I would take Kaman, don't get me wrong, but it's not going to solve our issues. I'm a CMU alum and a fan of Kaman, but make no mistake about it, he is TERRIBLE defensively, other than shot blocking. This isn't an opinion thing or anything like that. It's a commonly known fact. i do not mean to disrespect you or come at you like an A-hole, but i want to make this clear. I'd personally rather have a guy like Gortat who can defend the 5 and pair well with our offensive minded bigs like Monroe,CV and Daye. Basically a young version of what Wallace is now. Some other options might be a guy like Pryzbilla,Dampier,Chandler,Okafor(big contract so might be dealt despite very good play on both ends so far this year), etc.

Monroe will be fine defensively with his length, but he won't be dominant is all I said. I think of Monroe's highest ceiling, on both ends of the floor, as being Pau Gasol. He has become a very nice defender who uses his length to cover his arse at times. That's be GREAT from Monroe IMO, just fine. I like GM, trust me.

Trust me I'd take Oden or Gasol in a heartbeat. I just don't see it being an option. Detroit won't have the cap space to make a move and even moving Rip wouldn't necessarily help since both of those teams have really really good SG's.
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