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Default Da Bulls

The Bulls first option should be to go for some veteran players. If possible they need to try to package a deal for Kevin Garnett. Their are alot of ppl who say he is over the Hill and getting old. But I guess ppl forgot he came into the league at the ripe age of 18 and is only 28. He avg. over 21 & 10 & is still a dominant force and one of the best big men in the league. His leadership is what we need the most and he is one of those players that you never have to question his work ethic or passion for the game. I would also try to add either Ben Wallace along with KG but if that doesnt go through, a free agent by the name of Al Harrington is still out there. If this team is assembled then i believe the Bulls have a great chance to make run for the championship. If anyone noticed the Bulls truthfully gave the Heat the biggest scare in the playoffs(not Dallas). I know many ppl are saying what? But if you think about it, the Heat were never phased by the Dallas Mavs b/c they dont play defense, while that is the most important thing to Scott Skiles. And adding KG and Ben or Al will make us an even better defensive team and offensive. With that beign said the Heat may have one more run in them and after that the East will be dominated by teams like Cleaveland,Orlando, & New Jersey. WIth this team we will clearly have an edge b/c of our mature playoff experienced youth and our defensive mentality that we get from our coach.

If we go the other route, we should draft LaMarcus if available and if he isnt then go for Roy or Gay. Roy will help us defensively against bigger guards, hopefully, but he will be able to slash and get to the basket.

Gay would allow us to get rid of Loul by trading him. Even though I like Deng's game he isnt quick enough or explosive enough. While Gay on the other hand is a quicker and more explosive player than Deng. Deng has alot of trouble playing quicker guys and sometimes has problems scoring. I just think he doesn't fit in with our scheme. With Gay we could package him with Duhon(Getting rid of both Duke players, they tend to be under achievers in the NBA: Laetner, Jones, Hill w/his injuries and so on) while Uconn players shine right away: Gordon, Hamilton, Butler, Okafor, and so on. Trading away Duhon and Deng would allow Gay to come off the bench and develop his game while Nocioni took the starting role for the moment. By packaging Duhon and Deng you could shop around for a 2 guard like Ray Allen who has about 3 good years left in the tank. this would make our back court the best in the league. Or we could packagethem for a big man like KG. And with the 16th pick we could pick a 2 guard like Rashaad Anderson or Dehnam Brown. Anderson is 6'6 and can shoot lights out, and Brown is scorer/defender, In college he took on the role as defender and took the backseat on scoring but he is fully capable. Here's a fact, Brown once scored 115 points in a high school game! Either way both players have played 4yrs of college ball @ UCONN ( a winning program) and are team players. They could have easily been superstars but choose not to have big ego's and they would be along side fellow teamate Ben Gordon once again and did mention they both went to UCONN.

Here are some players to avoid: 1) Barganani: Who needs another Dirk, He cant play Defense and we dont need a big man who can shoot 3's we need someone to rebound and block. We shot enough 3's this year.

2) Thomas: Too much of a risk. THough he has alot of upside, to much of a work in progress. Bulls have lost twicein the first round, its time we go to the next level. He belongs on a team like the Hawks!

3.) Morrison: Though i love his heart for the game, and his scoring ability, He's too slow and lacks defense. HE will be a good player just not for the Bulls i hope!

4) JJ Reddick: Alcohol seems to be a problem for him. As i stated b4 Duke players are not good in the NBA, they never live up to the Hype. He'll be a great 3 pt shooter, maybe the next Steve Kerr.

5) Sheldon Williams: Cut Boozers numbers in half and you have Sheldon Williams. Will play alot of back up.

Team I would like to see:

2-Gordon/(Hasaan or Rashaad or Dehnam Brown) 2nd round
3-Nocioni/Gay (2nd pick)
4-KG( package for 16th pick,Duhon, and Deng)

NOTE: We stil would have 20 Mill in Cap money to shp around for a veteran 2 guard like Joe Johnson or a PF like ben Wallace or Al Harrington who is young and avg 19pts and almost 9 rebs last yr!!!!! SMELLS LIKE THE START OF THE NEW DYNASTY!!!!!!!

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