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Originally Posted by Miles and Miles
Being a Kings fan I just can't hope they lose. I know it would be better for the team and all but I can't sit there and go "hey we are losing by 20 great!!!" like many on this board want to do. Being a fan for me is hoping they win every game. During last nights game all the talk of Spud Webb maybe me remember how bad they used to be and how each year by this time there was NO hope of doing anything and just waiting around to see if they would draft a superstar (which they never did). At least it isn't that bad. I am one of the people that hopes they make that last playoff spot somehow. I know I will get the comment back "so they can get eliminated in the first round?" But I don't care at least they have a shot then. Go Kings.

The difference between then and now is that we have assets to really get some good young players. We have a really good GM. We have owners that will spend the money. We have guys(Bibby/Artest) who have value. Heck man, you don't even have to root against them now but what I just do is I don't get upset when we lose. I don't get upset if we're down by 20(unless it's to the Lakers, then I'll be pissed ). Still I'd rather see a young team out there hustling. I'd rather see us draft a superstar(which we can in this draft, it's a once every 5 years type of opportunity) and then get some cap room.
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