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19 ppg 6 dimes handful of boards ... but against the warriors he shot 19 times , once again more than the rest of his offensive players.

AT half time , the Bucks had controled the game - BUT
in the midway thru the 3rd Jennings made 6 plays that generated ZERO points and the warriers came back from 18 down to make it a 5 point game.

One possession : dribbled down to the 5 sec mark , passing it and forcing a teammate to take a desperations shot.
Next play - instead of looking for a teammate - he takes a quick shot.. you guessed it Warriers score on another 3.
Next possession ... he passes to a high post Gooden .. who gets in trouble, where is Jennings not helping his teammate bail out , and a steal occurs ..
This was on going and at a time out Skiles was yelling at him.
Finally in the 4th he makes two penetration moves .. which were great and stops the Warriors flow..
POINT : Skiles still allowing to play after making a 14 point swing of errors..
I am sure he thought the Warriers coming off a road trip are poop'ed and the Bucks will bail it out .. So I giv Skiles credit ..
MY on going point - the more I see Jennings I like his game (FOR THE BUCKS ROSTER) .. he has all the fire power with really the main offensive threat in John S. and Bogut and Gooden work just great together..
Jennings needs to become the 3rd option concentrate on his passing and driving to the hole..
Remember Maggette is coming off the bench - so he has LOTS of offensive players to pass to.
We're back to .500
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