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James White has been the " Ultimate " Enigma " since he arrived at Cincy. He is NOT an Athlete perse. He is more defined as a TRACK Athlete. Comparing him to MJ, HA, laughable. I think the NBA's best draft expert, Chris Monter said it best about White. He said that if he wasn't on a complete break by himself to the hoop, you would never notice this kid as any teams so-called leader. He's just way too passive Monter said. Also, unlike other shall we say at this time..." Slight of build " young kids in this draft, who are 19 to 20 years old and who need some muscle weight added on to their frames. Well James is already 23 years old. And he's skinney as a pole. He didn't even go to the Orlando Camp cause he wanted to avoid him being weighed and strength tested. I mean this kid will be 24 years old before he ever plays 1 minute of NBA Basketball, and the kid is less than 190 with a damn near 6ft 7 to 6ft, 8 frame ?

Give me a kid who is Raw yes, but excuse it with he is very young still. Well James White has ALL the Rawness of a 19 year old kid, but he's been in college for 5 years. 5 years and no serious attempt to ever lift weights and add the neccessary weight to get by in the Pros.
5 years to work on his consistency for the game, and yet he is still as Inconsistent as they come. Oh if you are looking for a kid who can represent your team at the Dunk contest, well yes White is as good as they come. But if you are looking for a basketball player who has stilla very HIGH Ceiling...then James White is DEFINITELY not your man.

Best player in this draft,,,dude please,,,Drugs are a BAD thing :-)
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