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Who you kidding jerm you meet white chicks online. Meet and greet them physically. You post pix of the chicks you boned and we all laugh. You're boning brawds with low self esteem who have been sheltered by white parents and you're the first black guy (from africa, cool points) they see. You send them the photos and she asks if she can braid your nappy hair. Then you meet at a mall, have a couple nasty hot dogs and you bone her somewhere.

Atleast you admit Jerm bones and isn't a 40 year old virgin like hippos claimed earlier. 1 more reputation points for you my man.

anyone else think jerm looks like a frog?

Jerm?...Frog?...I don't see the resemblance. What sort of eyedrop do you use?...It isn't doing you much good.

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