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Originally Posted by Da KO King
I think this will actually be one of the most solid drafts in recent memory. Not many stars, just a bunch of solid players.

The one guy that stands out to me in terms of being a letdown is Jordan Famar. I personally think he's living off how far UCLA got in the March Madness tourney. He went from being a late first/early second round guy to #15 to #25. He can play but I just don't see him as having 15-20 type of value.

I think if a team drafts him expecting to get the second coming of Steve Nash they are setting themselves and Jordan up for failure.
It finally happened.

Da KO King and fatboy11 finally agree on something.

This will be a very solid draft, lacking only superstars.

I thought I was the only one who found it funny that Jordan Farmar was a 2nd round pick and should go back to school before the Bruins' tourney run.
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