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Default Re: Alright b*tches.... lets start up some Wolves conversation

Originally Posted by B-Easy8
We badly need an athletic Centre that can block shots, rebound and grab boards. I wouldn't be opposed to trying to make a move for Thabeet as he surely can't be a part of Memphis' long term plans with Marc Gasol starting. Not sure if the Wizards are high on McGee as evertime I watch the Wizards he is getting pulled, he would be another good fit. I would be willing to give up the rights to Rubio to get a young C or a high draft pick.

The last 2 games have been embarrasing to say the least. Sure we were without arguably our best player in Beasley (I believe he is as he was taking it to the Heat and keeping us close before the injury) but we shouldn't be beaten by 30+ points in 2 consecutive games.
I agree we need a more athletic center. I also think that Thabeet would be a good piece to come in off the bench. He shouldnt cost too much to get either, as he hasnt really done anything yet in Memphis. however, I wouldnt give up the rights to Rubio to get Thabeet unless we draft Kyrie Irving, or possibly get Harrison Barnes. I know that Barnes isnt a pg, but he has big play ability and can create his own shot. I still feel Rubio has a future with the Wolves but they definately have to improve before he comes over, and I think they are starting to show that improvement.

Maybe we could package the rights to Rubio or J.Flynn, along with another of our younger players. Possibly Brewer or Webster. To get another top 3 pick in this draft. Could you imagine getting both Barnes & Irving in this draft? I know its very unlikely but its fun to imagine what could be.

We could be looking at a lineup of
6th man-Barnes
with Ellington & Tolliver also coming off the bench. Also if we ended up keeping Flynn then he would probably be the starter for a year while Irving learned the ropes or we would have Rubio coming off the bench. In this situation i'd prefer for it to be Rubio that got traded so we wouldnt have 2 rookie pg's basically handling the rock. Plus I believe Rubio has more value.

This lineup might also attract a big time free agent to come here and play. i'd really like to see the Wolves make a big time push for Carmelo Anthony, although that is highly unlikely, but I think we got the pieces to make it happen, but I dont want to trade our 1st rounder to help get the deal done, because I believe that pick will be key in helping us become a contender again in the next 2-3years
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