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Default Re: Jared Sullinger:

Gonna go ahead and bump this in case anyone else wants to comment.

He still got blocked like 4 times today vs Florida, but the amazing part is he doesn't care. And he didn't miss a shot that wasn't blocked, I don't think.

I'm surprised he was able to get his numbers against that big frontline, but they really made some mistakes and he was able to get in position for the easy dunk often.

One thing I don't understand about him is he chases people way outside of the lane and doesn't fight for position as early as I'd like him to. Still, he stole some rebounds. But a lot of the first half offensive rebounds were because he was chasing someone on the perimeter or because he went too far out to contest a shot when he should have just stayed under the rim.

But still, that's a man's game.

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