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Default Re: Potential Dynasty

Originally Posted by Myth
Nate McMillan hates changing the starting line up. Once he sets it for the season, it takes a lot of constant criticism before he finally changes it (Blake/Miller situation) or an injury that forces somebody into the line-up. Oden got the start at beginning of his first season, but then got hurt. After that, the line-up was established with Przybilla and McMillan was reluctant to change the now established starting 5. Eventually, Oden worked his way back into the starting line-up, but it took a long time for McMillan to decide to make the change. Durant would have started just like Oden in his first game, but his consistent health would never have forced McMillan to make a change. I agree that Durant's overall role would have been different on this team than on the Thunder, but lack of starting would have hardly been a problem IMO.

Btw, you act as if Durant was terrible as a rookie, when in fact he easily won rookie of the year.
He might have won ROY, but he was terrible. Come on, you and I both know ROY means nothing. In fact, a lot of people were calling him bust and glad we got Oden. No way he get a guaranteed spot in the starting line up. A chucking skinny defensive liability, that's what he was. Remember that the team only won 20 games for consecutive seasons.
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