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Default Re: Worthle Hayward

I'm not even looking at his stats. In 11 games so far, he's contributed absolutely nothing to the team. No offense, no defense and not even hustle plays and he can't shoot either....not a damn thing he's done for the team.

Statistically his pts, rbds and blocks look ok especially since he hasn't shot well yet.

Utah wasted their 1st-round pick with this scrub.

I love it! He's barely 3 weeks into his career and he's already a scrub and wasted pick!Where's the love? LOL!

Problem is expecting a 20 year old to step right in and be a big part of a playoff contender especially in the west and in an offense that is supposed to take a long time to get. Ideally he and Evans would both be in the D-League but that would mean carrying 15 players and spending more money. It's looking like Matthews was worth the money he got too.

I'm willing to be patient but obviously I'm the only one that has stuck by CJ all these years as he's continued to make great strides each and every year.

Fesenko, at least he's tall. he also likes attacking the basket and hustles a lot.

Haywood is tall for a guard or even a SF in Utah. Nobody was talking about Fessenko hustling or attacking the basket when he was 20. I've yet to see it personally. Haywood has to be >>>>>>>>>>>>Fessenko. Rather he'll live up to where he was picked remains to be seen but considering he has a lot of maturing to do yet physically I'll give him the benefit of the doubt right now.

I'm gonna give Gordon a nickname, and it'll gonna be Worthless.
Worthless Hayward. Because he's worthless. It's quite catchy.

As long as you don't say anything bad about Jerry, O'Conner, Fessenko, Price, Okur, etc.

Redick was pretty bad his first couple of seasons then he turned his game up. Maybe Gordon can do the same but I hope it'll be sooner than later.

Didn't Redick play 4 years of college at the top school too? Big difference and Orlando was patient with him all the while he was complaining about not playing.

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