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Default Re: Alright b*tches.... lets start up some Wolves conversation

Originally Posted by B-Easy8
As much as I would like to see Barnes play for us I think we have a star in Beasley at the same position and we have a gaping hole at the C position that I think we have to fill. I don't know much about this draft class is there a good C avaliable in the top 5?
Possibly Enes Kanter, However if your taking a big man in the top 5, You have to be damn sure he fits your organization, because big men have high flop rates in my opinion. Also this is the NBA so you draft talent reguardless of who you do or dont have on your roster. Look at Portland for example, think how good they would be if they would have taken Durant over Oden, or you could look at Detroit when they selected Milicic, they could have went several different directions, Melo, Bosh or Wade, but they didnt. I know we have a rising superstar on the team in Beasley who plays virtually the same position, however the top 3 prospects in this draft, atleast up to this point are Barnes, Irving, & Perry Jones who also plays the 3, but could possibly slide over to the 4, but we have Love there already as well.

Also if you had lets say a player like a Ray Allen, very good player, all-star level player, atleast back in the day, would you pass on Kobe Bryant because they play the same position and you already have a good player there? Now before anyone goes there im not saying Barnes is the next Kobe, but he does have superstar potential like that, but he will have to put the work in to get to that level.
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