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Default Re: Can Someone Explain to me the Enes Kanter Situation?

Originally Posted by IlliniFan
I don't see how you made the connection between that tired argument (which hasn't been relevant for a couple years now by the way) and anything that was said in this thread. If Cal was pulling the same type of recruits at Louisville, UK fans would be vilifying him and calling him a cheater as well. It's really funny how UK fans are so in denial about such an obvious truth. Enjoy your future vacated final 4.

Everyone calls him a cheater for the same reasons everyone called Tarkanian a cheater. He's gets very skilled players, and for the most part gets them to realize their full potential. Sometimes those players come from difficult situations, but he gets them into college, and college is lots better than jail. Guys that have played for him and coached with him have been very successful.

The basketball program at the University of Memphis is as good as it's ever been, and we're happy that he left the program in capable hands.
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