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Default GT Miami at New York

I will keep this short as possible. Obviously a good, must needed victory. of course it's all about Crawford. 20-30 from the field, 8-10 from 3. Killing!!!

But guess what was more important? 12 turnovers. I made a post on of our other threads a couple days ago and I don't know how to quote my own post yet. What it said was that we average 17 turnovers. If we can chop that by 5, just look at the points we COULD have. we average 101, tonite we got 112(do the math).
Crawford wasn't the only man out there playing exceptionally.
Marbs stats were great too. 13 assists and 1 count it 1 turnover.

Of course Crawford isn't gonna do this every night. But clearly Marbs was running the show like a one night dub of Steve Nash. Can he run the show like this on a nightly basis. If he wants to. he played smart and CONTROLLED. The entire team played great and it was due to great set-ups.

I'm not gonna talk under the table. Good win. LET'S GO KNICKS!!!

I'm out. Knickscity....
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