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Default Re: Suns defense isn't doing too well

No one is controlling the paint, not even RLo when he was in(although he is better than nothing). Our second unit is pretty decent defensively with JDud, Childress and Dragic. They still get exposed but they're playing hard and trying. Our first Unit is weak, even more so with Fry now our starter. Grant Hill is probably the best defensive player and gets the toughest assignments. Once him, Jrich, or Nash get burnt though it's over. We have no one to stop them once they are in our paint.

I don't think we're competitive(Champs/WC) anymore, even with Nash (out with injury). I hate to say anthing so soon into a season, but I think it's okay to blow it up now and end the Nash era. Lose out now to win out later.
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