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Terrible idea_ you don't want to start 1 dimensional players if you don't have to, his defense hurts the team and I don't get how you think he "runs the offense" or "stretches the floor"
If it was about doing something to make it better for carmelo you take sheldon williams and afflalo off the floor and start JR so that the other team can't always double and triple carmelo- would they leave jr the way they leave afflalo? No
Lawson should do what he does, he should be the offensive spark off the bench- his passing while driving is getting better but he is still an offense for himself only 1 dimensional player
Why do you not believe that nba defenses cover players the way they do for a reason? Opponents would love a 5-10 guy dominating the ball and running at the hoop every play a lot more than they would want the ball in carmelos hands
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