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Default B-Roy and Mike Conley for Hibbert and Devin Harris?

I was offered this trade in a KEEPER LEAGUE. My weakness is assist and i dominate blocks every week. My current team is:

Dwyane Wade

Kyle Lowry
Devin Harris
Hedo Turkoglu
Josh Smith
Amare Stoudemire

Roy Hibbert
Javelle McGee
Rodney Stuckey
Caron Butler
Paul Pierce
Andrea Bargnani

Brandon Jennings
IR- Baron Davis

Bold = Potential keeper players. I can only keep 5

So I would be trading Hibbert and Devin Harris and receiving Mike Conley and Brandon Roy.

I'm considering this trade since Roy is a potential keeper while the others are not. But I also want to win this year.

Should I take the risk on Brandon Roy?
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