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Default Re: Let's talk Charlie V

Originally Posted by DetroitPiston
Has done well recently. Put up a double double against the Wizards, has been scoring consistently and all that. I thought he got a lot of unfair stick last year because of two things: 1. Not playing well despite being injured while just about everyone else was injured and 2. not being a stereotypical Pistons forward.

He keeps performing like he has, I wouldn't be averse to him starting.
although I like maxiell starting, I do think CV needs to start over daye. that was a mistake from the get go. Daye is a good young player, but expecting him to come out and start out of position and give you the best chance to win? nah.

CV will be solid this year. he is attacking the basket more, rebounding at a decent rate and his shot is more on than off. his D will always be subpar, but its not like Daye is gonna be a great defender at the 4 either.
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