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Default read this tell me your thoughts

as much as i or any phx. fan desperately wanted the suns to make it to the finals so many forget that at the beginning of the season, with knowledge of amare's injury, everyone counted the suns out and at best said they'd make 8th seed in the west... what more could you ask for from a no name that came from atlanta as a throw in for JJ? most improved player would be the last thought in your mind....what more could you ask from the reigning MVP? another MVP title once again might be that last thing on your mind...what more could you ask of a free agent signee halfway through the season? a few clutch game winning shots and a starting role might also be the last thing on your mind....and what more could you ask of the most underrated player in the NBA (matrix)? setting career highs for himself might also be the last thought on your mind.... i personally got fairly lucky when i told my step-dad that (and i wrote this down to remind him) the suns would win at least 55 games in the 05-06 season(they got to 54), he said i was was his b-day that day and he was headed to a d-backs game that i said i didnt want to go to because the d-backs sucked and he said get used to it cuz the suns are gonna suck next season i as well as many others have to admit that even though the suns didnt make it to the finals we just couldnt have had a better season considering the circumstances.
Now, on to the 06-07 season....i personally believe and have already placed some bets that suns will get their first title mainly because of the continuing growth of some young stars, the consistent play of a two-time MVP and some veterans, and the return of possibly the next most dominant player in the league.....
-even though at times im weary of barbosa, i think if he'll ever consistently prove himself, it will be this year or never...
-boris diaw can be penciled in to next years all-star game right now i believe, and will average close to a triple-double again this year, with the added threat of a more consistent outside shot including more threes and another target to lob that alley oop to in amare
-tim thomas should stay as much as reporters and media debate it, unless he's a dirty filthy liar and gets too much green in his eyes...but i like him
-matrix will be the underrated defender hes always been and then some because of the release of pressure on him to guard big men with the comeback of amare and kurt thomas
-hopefully healthy depth at every position
-raja will continue to satisfy us by pissing off the superstar whiners and hit some threes here and there as well
-steve nash....nuff said
-the return of amare stoudemire at full health, unless what i have read are all lies, amare should return next season on a path of destruction, he will leave big men posterized, stunned and ticked off after each game, his growing outside jumper will cause mismatches galore, and rims in every state where basketball is played will never be the same
-who can stop all that? (unless injuries plague the team again, keep your fingers crossed)
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