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Default Re: Can Someone Explain to me the Enes Kanter Situation?

Originally Posted by ukfan22
Those are not recruiting violations, neither case has anything to do with recruiting. Camby and Rose made poor decisions (although nothing has been proven in the Rose case) that led to them being ruled retroactively ineligible. The NCAA ruled in both cases that Calipari was not involved, in fact it was Cal himself who turned in Camby. It's unfortunate those seasons were wiped away (especially the Memphis one), but there is simply NO evidence to suggest he was invovled.

Corey Maggette admitted under oath that he received cash payments in high school. He was a member of Duke's 1999 Final Four team. The great and shining Coach K should have a vacated Final Four on his record. Is K dirty?

As a Kentucky fan, the best attitude to have would be "**** it, I'm having fun watching the team now, who cares if he gets caught down the road" That way, you won't be let down when it happens. Trying to defend the dude is pointless.
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