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Rondo won't play with Iverson because Iverson is getting traded. Most likely they will trade him for Josh Smith and Al Harrington. Supposedly, the Hawks made a promise to Shelden Williams at 5. This is because they know they need a replacement for Harrington, and that they are going to trade for A.I. at the point. So, how is this for the new look Hawks.

Allen Iverson
Joe Johnson
Marvin Williams
Shelden Williams
Zaza Pachulia

That looks like a 45 win team to me. Look for them to be in the playoffs next season.

Also, the sixers of next season should be exciting. They might even take Ronnie Brewer at 13. So, there starting lineup will be.

Ronnie Brewer
Andre Iguadola
Josh Smith
Al Harrington
Samuel Dalembert

I guess you could call this team the Philadelphia Slam Dunk Contest Participants. They probably won't be too cohesive as a team, but they will be exciting to watch. Four out of five of these guys can straight up fly.
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