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Default Re: Can Someone Explain to me the Enes Kanter Situation?

Originally Posted by RobertSwift31
As a Kentucky fan, the best attitude to have would be "**** it, I'm having fun watching the team now, who cares if he gets caught down the road" That way, you won't be let down when it happens. Trying to defend the dude is pointless.

Those are the same things people said about him when he recruited DeJuan Wagner after he first came to Memphis. All the hoopla was about him giving Milt Wagner a job to get him. Nothing but good came of it for the Memphis basketball program. We won the Nit, we started to get more good players, gained an incredible amount of national exposure for a school our size, and most certainly have a program that is much healthier than it was 10 yrs ago. And, Milt is still in coaching at Auburn with Tony Barbee. Maybe "who cares if he gets caught down the road" ain't so bad after all.
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