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Default Re: Derek Jeter's contract up - Yankees suddenly fiscally responsible - Why?

Originally Posted by Sarcastic
The contract they offered him is not fiscally responsible at all. $15 million per year for a 36 year old shortstop is beyond crazy. No other team will come close to matching that.

The Yankees are being completely fair in their negotiating. When he was a 26 year old player, they paid him almost $200 million. Now that he is a 36 year old shortstop, coming off his worst year ever, they are still offering him a contract in which he will be the highest paid player at his position.


Something is terribly warped with our society when a 45 million dollar contract expended over the span of 3 years is considered a lowball offer to a 36 year old professional athlete. Some of these guys serious need a harsh reality check...
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