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Originally Posted by BeckDiggLer
The Problem:

1-Brown does not compete, if he starts poorly he will sulk the rest of the game and he shows a complete lack of enthusiasm on the offensive end, dude never fights for better offensive positioning or for key rebounds (remember game 7 vs.pho)
2-Odom is a fu..king fool and he can't or will not conform to the triangle offense, it seems he is not a system type player. Odom is unable to read defenders he can't make an adjustment on the fly when he is making the quick cuts that are required in the triangle. He has never consistently been able to get good low-post positioning or easy lay-ups out of the triangle due to the fact that he is better suited for a team that will allow him to play more one on one basketball and utilize his great ball handling skills.
3-Parker is not the answer at the point guard position. He can not be relied upon in big game situations.

Therefore, the Lakers must find three starters to play along side the other two starters Walton and Bryant.

First, they must find guys that can play in a system, here is a list of dudes I believe fit the bill:
Grant Hill
Malik Allen
Mo Williams

I would start may trading Odom (12.0 mill) to Mil for Magloire (9.8 mill) & Williams (2.0 mill)
Then I would trade Mihm (4.0mill) to Chi for Duhon (3.0) and Allen (1.8 mill)
I would top it off by drafting Diaz out of the U in the 1st round and Bowman out of G-Town in the sec.rd
Then I would sign David Noel as an undrafted free agent and develop him into becoming a stopper along with Bowman

That would give the Lakers a line-up of

This team would be a contender within two years.

So u are pretty convinced that all these trades and stuff will go down???
wow this aint dream land. It isn't that easy in the business world man

second of all it takes 2 years to get accustomed to the triangle offense and Odom has improved in it majorly in the end of the year and playoffs and it has only been one season.

Be freakin patient thats what the laker's plan is...patience...the team will be back in great shape...just not in less than a week.
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