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Default Re: Derek Jeter's contract up - Yankees suddenly fiscally responsible - Why?

Originally Posted by DeuceWallaces
You guys aren't getting it. They hand out absolutely ridiculous contracts to average players and now they're playing hardball with the face of the franchise. Brilliant strategy.

People are really not getting it. They do this ALL the time. A-Rod has a contract that probably has 3 years where he will get $30 million and possibly not even be starting. Texeira had 2. Posada has 1. Burnett may wind up with 4 but even if he was pitching well, probably 2. The Yankees regularly give money at the end that is basically just increasing the base now by giving money at the end.

So for A-Rod - no problem. For Jeter - it's a problem. That's my point.

Note: What's with noting athletes get paid too much? NO ****ING SHIT. How is that relevent to what we are talking about?

Also, one thing i never get is how fans are very concertned that the players don't get too much. me, i don't care because the other outcome is the owner getting too much, not me or you getting a cheaper ticket deal.
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